Of All The Lifts In The World

If you could have one lift, which one would it be? On the domestic front, most people would be apt to say; no thanks, don’t need that, the staircase bannister is all that is needed. Just one short flight of stairs and you have reached the top, on your ways to the bedrooms or the en-suite bathroom. The office block, even if it is only one story high, somehow always seems to have need for a lift. Sometimes there are at least two to cater for the expectant flow of traffic, especially during peak hours.

The twenty plus story apartment complex or five-star hotel most certainly does need a series of lifts. There is just no way a VIP client will be climbing all those stairs to get to the top floor and into the penthouse suite. Gasping for heavenly breath, he would have nothing left to enjoy the panoramic views that he paid a good price for. Speaking of views, nothing could be more charming than that of the countryside with its surrounding hills and mountains.

It is the ideal setting for a series of well-appointed bungalows or villa or manor styled hotel. And it is perched right on a hill. And there will be those who are fortunate enough to establish residency here. These structures and others make it perfectly ideal for the installation of the most unusual looking hillside lifts. Why would they be unusual? Well, for one thing, they do not seem to look like your typical lifts.

hillside lifts

And they also seem to move at a snail’s pace. But perhaps that is deliberate. So whilst you are being escorted to your appointed rooms, you can turn around and look and gasp at the lovely views.