Tips For Preventing Leaks

There is nothing worse than having a leak.  With a leak the contents of the item begin to drain out which could cause a huge problem.  When a tire begins to leak you can’t drive your car, when a pipe leaks you are losing water or gas, and if your boat leaks you are going to sink.  This is why you need to perform leak testing houston tx.

Make sure everything is tight

The first place you will find a leak is where the connections are made.  Using a monkey wrench, pair of plyers or another similar tool you can easily begin to tighten the connection preventing leaks.

Look for rust or corrosion

Rust, corrosion and other physical defects can eventually cause a hole and allow contents to leak.  Depending on what the container is, you will want to consider putting a paint or other sealant on the container.  When you do this you are creating a barrier between the container and oxygen.

Keep away from flames

When something is leaking you don’t want it near a flame.  The contents of the container may be flammable and as such catch on fire, explode or worse.  If you feel that something is going to catch fire, leave the area and call 911.

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Don’t bang or drop items

To prevent damage to your containers be careful not to drop them.  When we drop containers onto a hard floor, the container can rupture, sending a vibration throughout creating a leak. 

Keep sharp objects away

Sharp objects such as knives, saws and tools can all cause issues with the containers.  If the sharp object punctures the container it will create a hole causing a leak.

Take care

The final tip is to just take care.  If we take our time, focus on prevention the odds of having a leak are greatly diminished.